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University Orthopaedic Associates

At UOA, our fellowship-trained subspecialists treat all orthopaedic conditions, from routine to urgent and simple to complex, in patients of all ages. We provide comprehensive care from diagnosis through individualized treatment, and into rehabilitation.
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University Orthopaedic Associates

Service New Jersey communities for over 50 years, University Orthopaedic Associates (UOA) is dedicated to providing the highest quality, most current, personalized healthcare available.

Our top-performing, fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeons and our rehab team work for you. Because of University Orthopaedic Associates long and successful history in the community, patients can be confident they're receiving the absolute best care possible. With UOA's connection to Rutgers University, we also remain dedicated to teaching and training the next generation of world-class orthopedists.

I believe in the OrthoNJ model so much that I would like to see us be the first choice on everyone's mind for almost all things orthopaedic.  - Dr. Gatt, UOA

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University Orthopaedic Associates Values

University Orthopaedic Associates (UOA) has been trusted by New Jersey communities and families for over 50 years.

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Trauma & Fracture Care

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. OrthoNJ's team of world-class orthopedic professionals is here to help.
Learn About Trauma & Fracture Care
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Total Joint Replacement

Joint pain can get worse if not treated correctly. OrthoNJ offers joint pain solutions, including total joint replacement.
Learn About Total Joint Replacement

Sports Medicine

Don’t let pain or injury get in the way of your daily activities or your favorite sports. Let OrthoNJ get you back on the playing field.
Learn About Sports Medicine

Spine, Back & Neck

Sometimes, back pain keeps you from enjoying life. OrthoNJ Can get you back to doing what you do best.
Learn About Spine, Back & Neck

Pain Management

We offer a range of non-surgical treatment options to help you get through chronic pain or neuropathic conditions. Surgery is an option but not always the solution.
Learn About Pain Management

Hand & Wrist

Hand and wrist pain can limit your daily activities. We understand your pain and provide innovative solutions and treatment plans to help you feel better.
Learn About Hand & Wrist

General Orthopaedics

We know pain comes in many forms. We provide treatment plans for many general orthopedic issues.
Learn About General Orthopaedics
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Foot & Ankle

Foot and ankle injuries can seriously reduce your mobility. OrthoNJ works to get you back on your feet, pain-free, as quickly as possible.
Learn About Foot & Ankle

A Division of OrthoNJ

University Orthopaedic Associates

University Orthopaedic Associates is proud to be a division of OrthoNJ. If you'd like to learn, we'd encourage you to see UOA's videos discussing why being a part of OrthoNJ was the right decision for them and their patients.

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Requesting Appointments With UOA

If you are seeking orthopaedic treatment from an OrthoNJ doctor or location associated with University Orthopaedic Associates, we would love to see you for a consultation. You can request an appointment with UOA using the following link.
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Meet our Doctors, Non-Physician Providers, and Therapists

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Amanda Duimstra, OTR/L, MS
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Anne Inacay, PT, DPT
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Barbara Calavetta, PA-C
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Ben Glider, PT, DPT
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Brenden Lee, PA-C
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Brittany Gasser, PA-C
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Carlos A. Sagebien, MD
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Charles J. Gatt, Jr. MD
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Cheryl Caudill, PA-C
users 448 18829fdf 0ddb 46da 8d1b 5e478cb7948d
Christine Hersh, PA-C, MS
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Christopher Doumas, MD
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Cristobal Beiro, MD
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David A. Harwood, MD
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David R. Polonet, MD
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Dean Pinciotti, PT
users 186 07094993 4cc7 41a4 a0b2 510e173ab43d
Gino Chiappetta, MD
users 440 f9f63dd1 7d39 49b0 b284 a175c83650ba
Gregory Roth, OTR/L, MA, CHT
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Hesham Abdelfattah, MD
users 482 8612ab4a def5 4386 9cc9 7a236a8bb9a0
James T. Monica, MD
users 442 0e7fc824 055e 4499 ae4e e320dc6e4687
Jessica Spivey, PT, MPT
users 600 a3a43683 8380 4286 8437 3b69983dbac7
Joseph Johnson, MOT, OTR/L
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Justin McTish, OTR/L
users 589 efd77da3 7858 4183 9785 5d8773ef8460
Karin Peterson, PT, DPT
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Kenneth G. Swan Jr., MD
users 596 55c6a67b c840 4b05 9aeb cd1bc6e2158c
Kevin Schafer, MD
users 444 352bc401 39e3 48d6 b361 aaadda9fa6f7
Kimberly Abrahamsen, PA-C
users 439 58b97473 3cb0 459b bf07 1bdcabc587e9
Kristen Quinn, CHT, OTR/L, MS
users 453 575da3e0 e102 45a2 8eed e44587eeea8b
Lauren Stull, BS, PA-C, MMS
users 429 d4712aa6 e138 40ed 878b 133e5c218e12
Lindsey Balint, PT, DPT
users 443 a73ed606 f419 44fe b96b d324021e53a7
Maggie Turek, PT, DPT, ATC
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Mark S. Butler, MD
users 481 7f0e5e6a 3cec 4c50 988c 2613331dd0ce
Matthew McDonnell, MD
users 452 9c762f03 3c00 4a29 ac43 06181a932644
Megan Rochford, PA-C
users 598 09e26253 5729 4f09 b172 7818135af68e
Megan Varela, PT, DPT
users 447 e8e74a8a de36 4570 886c 219afc86e99a
Michael Ciskowski, PA
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Michael Phelan, PT, DPT
users 480 9d508342 ced7 4f63 8115 9c5caefdc849
Michael T. Lu, MD
users 441 85a6642a 2014 439f 98de 633578b11be8
Patricia Seuffert, MS, APN
users 510 bd503318 23c4 46d0 9a52 01afea79083f
Patrick S. Buckley, MD
users 451 fad8730c 2eae 4ff8 9ea4 580cd0fa5684
Payal Patel, PA
users 487 2b31c3ca c86b 4575 bbe0 dbf0d9f31c26
Ravi Verma, MD
users 483 7f7b47c2 1817 431e 936f afdd290eec57
Robert P. Pannullo, MD
users 496 0a044de8 d248 4580 95d0 e382cbf34499
Ryan Coyle, MD
users 434 6b5115b1 8375 4f21 8428 380a52b779f6
Ryan Kay, PT, DPT
users 484 52683266 c697 4ab8 9fbe c9c5706274ee
Sergei Pushilin, MD
users 479 8ef37fc9 eda5 449c aab5 d1dfa21ccb37
Stephen Kayiaros, MD
users 436 c94e4ebf d33d 48e1 8736 59efa4735ca7
Stephen Pavoni, PT, DPT
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Timothy P. Leddy, MD
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William A. Baione, MD
Tony George, DO portrait University Orthopaedic Associates
Tony George, DO
portrait of pavli demian, do
Pavli Demian, DO
jessica bautista
Jessica Bautista OTR/L, MS
megan kress
Megan Kress, PTA
heidi williams
Heidi Williams, PTA
carrie shick
Carrie Shick, PTA