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The power to put patients first.
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team candids orthonj orthopedics new jersey 2022 222

The Power To Put Patients First

OrthoNJ is the largest independent orthopaedic group in New Jersey.

OrthoNJ is different from what you might expect. Our six divisions work together to bring the best outcomes to our patients in a medical environment that is too often profit-driven. OrthoNJ's doctors and divisional partners strive to put patients first in all aspects of medical care. That's why we say we have the "Power to Put Patients First."

Fantastic Physicians

We have over 120 world-class physicians that are board-certified, board-qualified, or fellowship-trained.

Communities Served in New Jersey

Our physicians and their teams provide treatment and continuing care for over twelve specialties.

State-Wide Offices

The OrthoNJ group has 6 combined divisions with over 30 locations statewide. We're proud to serve all of New Jersey!

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Why OrthoNJ Chose A Divisional Model Of Care

OrthoNJ's divisional model means that the local doctors you've come to know and trust will continue to serve you and your community. OrthoNJ's combined power means that you can expect vetted, world-class care no matter which OrthoNJ Division you choose.
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Orthopaedic Leaders in NJ

Meet OrthoNJ

What We Believe.The Orthonj Vision.
In today’s world, corporate entities and private-equity firms are purchasing more and more independent medical providers. Too often, the profit-motive of these entities dictates treatment options and patient-care options, driving prices up and patient outcomes down.
OrthoNJ is decidedly different. As the largest independent orthopaedic group in New Jersey, comprising six distinct orthopaedic divisions, we're laser-focused on providing the best care, not making the most money. This commitment gives us The Power to Put Patients First.