Why Does OrthoNJ Exist?

February 2, 2023

Why Do We Exist?

Generally speaking, when it comes to medicine, people rarely see ‘bigger’ as ‘better.’ We understand that in our current age people feel chewed up and spit out by doctors, medical facilities and hospitals all the time.  

A big part of why patients feel that way is that medical institutions are at risk from private equity firms - where medicine becomes big money and the patients needs come second. Profit drives everything in this scenario.

OrthoNJ is decidedly different. We are doctor-owned, doctor-driven and fiercely independent.  That independence allows us to do what we as doctors know is right.

As New Jersey's largest independent orthopaedic group, comprising six distinct orthopaedic divisions, OrthoNJ is able to remain doctor-led and focused on delivering the best outcomes in today's profit-driven medical environment.

OrthoNJ's power lies in their collective expertise and independence. Together, we are laser-focused on doing what patients actually need, not what makes us the most money.

We're a group of world-class physicians that are board-certified, board-qualified, or fellowship-trained. This means that under the OrthoNJ umbrella, our patients have access to the top physicians specializing in every facet of orthopaedics in New Jersey.

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